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¡Describiendo el Panorama GENERAL!
¡Describiendo el Panorama GENERAL!
Los niños se benefician cuando los adultos que forman parte de sus vidas son capaces de observar y describir la mejor parte de ellos o de apreciar lo que es fundamental en su persona.
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Image of NICHY Parent's Guide to Communicating With Your Child's School Through Letter Writing first page
A Parent's Guide: Communicating With Your Child's School Through Letter Writing
Resource document by the National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities that provides special education basics, tips for letter writing and sample letters to help parent's better communicate with their child's school.
Categories: 504, Advocacy, Family Engagement, IEP, Parent Rights, Special Education
Image of children reading with text that says A Parents’ Guide to Special Education in North Carolina
A Parents’ Guide to Special Education in North Carolina
The focus of this Parent Guide from Children’s Law Clinic -Duke Law School, is the federal special education law known as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) that promises each child with a disability a “free, appropriate, public education.”
Categories: General, Communication, IEP, Conflict Resolution, Special Education
image of standards based IEP guide
A Step by Step Process to Creating Standards based IEPs
Before developing IEPs, all IEP team members, including parents, should become familiar with the general education curriculum, including the state’s academic content standards and the state testing program. In order to make informed decisions about appropriate annual goals, supports and special education needs, the IEP team should consider how your child is performing as compared to the state’s academic content standards for the grade that your child is in.
Categories: IEP, Special Education
Accommodations to Consider
Accommodations to Consider for Students with Problems in Organization
Note the student’s response to transition between activities. Is s/he disoriented, distracted, or overwhelmed visually or auditorally when moving or preparing for new activity? Is s/he agitated or anxious during the change? If so, consider these questions in addressing this difficulty.
Categories: 504, Accommodations, IEP, Special Education
image of teacher reading to young boy
Adaptations and Modifications
Adaptations and modifications that can be used in the general curriculum, including volume of work, time, support, difficulty, participation, and more.
Categories: Advocacy, IEP, Inclusion
If this, do that resource
Adaptations and Modifications—If This, Do That
Guide for actions regarding volume of work, time, support, difficulty, participation
Categories: IEP, Inclusion
image of All About Advocates document
All About Advocates
Good special education services are intensive and expensive. Resources are limited. If you have a child with special needs, you will likely need to utilize...
Categories: Family Engagement, Advocacy, IEP
image of Infused Skills Grid
Cuadro para la Infusión de Habilidades
Al igual que todos los estudiantes, los niños que viven con discapacidades necesitan aprender diferentes tipos de habilidades en la escuela
Categories: IEP, Spanish
Helpful IEP Questions
Helpful IEP Questions
Questions that may assist the team to establish a review of IEP goals and objectives
Categories: Advocacy, IEP
IDEA Fact Sheet—resource thumbnail
IDEA Fact Sheet
This fact sheet provides an overview of the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA).
Categories: General, IDEA, IEP
image of IEP Checklist document
IEP Checklist
Your involvement in developing an effective and appropriate Individualized Education Program or IEP for your child is essential to your child’s success.
Categories: Communication, IEP, Special Education
image of road signs and text that says iep mapa de la travesia para las familias
IEP MAPA DE LA TRAVESÍA - Para las familias
IEP MAPA DE LA TRAVESÍA - Para las familias
Categories: IEP, Spanish, Special Education
Road signs that say IEP Road Map for Families with ecac logo
IEP Road Map for Families
A guide featuring the North Carolina IEP forms and useful tips for parents along the way.
Categories: IEP, Special Education, Transition to Adulthood
If a Student has Difficulty
If Student has Difficulty….Then Try This!
A great tool full of suggested accommodations for specific areas of difficulty.
Categories: 504, Accommodations, IEP, Special Education
Image of infused skills grid
Infused Skills Grid
Like all students, students who experience disabilities need to learn many types of ‘skills’ in school. These include: habits of mind, basic academic skills, other content areas and functional skills.
Categories: Accommodations, IEP, Special Education
image of student snapshot document
La Instantánea del Estudiant
Los salones de clase son lugares muy ajetreados donde todo pasa muy de prisa. Regularmente a los maestros y demás personal de la escuela, les lleva tiempo conocer y entender las necesidades especiales de su hijo. “La Instantánea del Estudiante” que ECAC ha preparado es una excelente forma de compartir con la escuela lo que a usted le ha tomado tiempo aprender de su hijo y le ayuda a comunicar al misno tiempo las áreas que le preocupan y en donde su niño pueda necesitar más ayuda.
Categories: Communication, IEP, Spanish
image of IEP Checklist in Spanish
Lista de Verificación del IEP
Su participación en el desarrollo de un Programa de Educación Individualizado (IEP por sus siglas en inglés) que sea efectivo y adecuado es esencial para el éxito de su hijo.
Categories: Communication, IEP, Spanish, Special Education
Resource thumbnail - Questions parents can ask about math
Questions Parents Can Ask about Math Instruction
When your child struggles in math, you need specific information to help you encourage and support your child as they develop and build their math skills...
Categories: Family Engagement, Advocacy, IEP
Resource thumbnail - Questions parents can ask - reading
Questions Parents Can Ask about Reading Improvement
When you are the parent of a child who struggles with reading, you need specific information to support your child’s reading progress. Whether attending a parent/teacher conference, participating in writing the IEP (Individualized Education Program), or working with your child at home, use the questions that relate to your child to gather the information you need...
Categories: Family Engagement, Advocacy, Literacy, IEP
Resource thumbnail - Questions parents can ask about reading - Spanish
Questions Parents Can Ask about Reading Improvement (Spanish)
􀁕reguntas que los padres pueden hacer… Recuerde: Siempre pida una explicación de todo lo que no entendió. Si usted es el padre de un niño al que se le dificulta la lectura, usted necesita información específica para apoyar el progreso de su hijo. Ya sea que asista a las conferencias entre padres y maestros...
Categories: Family Engagement, Advocacy, Literacy, IEP, Spanish
Resource thumbnail - questions about spelling, writing, and testing—Spanish
Questions Parents Can Ask about Spelling, Writing, and Testing (Spanish)
Cuando a un niño se le dificulta la lectura, con frecuencia también se le dificulta la ortografía, escritura y las evaluaciones/exámenes...
Categories: Family Engagement, Advocacy, IEP, Spanish
Regreso a la Escuela
Regreso a la Escuela
Una Guía de Planificación para las Familias de Carolina del Norte con Estudiantes con Discapacidad
Categories: IEP, Spanish, Special Education, Remote Learning
Regular education and special education—resource thumbnail
Regular Education Teachers and Special Education: An Important Part of the Puzzle
Children with disabilities are guaranteed a free appropriate public education (FAPE). There are two criteria typically used to determine...
Categories: IEP, Inclusion
Related Services—resource thumbnail
Related Services
Does your child participate in a social skills group at school? Maybe he goes for speech-language therapy once a week. Or perhaps his teacher works with an occupational therapist...
Categories: IEP
Image of backpack with text that reads Return to School Planning Guide
Return to School Planning Guide
A Planning Guide for North Carolina Families Who Have a Student with a Disability
Categories: IEP, Special Education, Remote Learning
Sample Accommodations
Sample Accommodations
This document provides Environmental, Behavioral, Organizational Strategies and more!
Categories: 504, Accommodations, IEP, Special Education
Student Dream Sheet
Student Dream Sheet
Transition is a journey, begin NOW to plan for the trip. The Student Dream Sheet can help students set goals and share their interests and preferences.
Categories: Advocacy, IEP, Transitions, Transition-age Youth, Transition to Adulthood
Image of the first page of the Student Led IEP Request form
Student Led IEP Request
This fillable document helps students with disabilities request a leadership role in their next IEP meeting and to specify which parts of the IEP meeting they would like to lead.
Categories: Communication, IEP, Special Education, Transition-age Youth
image of Student Snapshot document
Student Snapshot
Classrooms are very busy and it often takes time for teachers and others to get to know and understand your son or daughter’s needs. ECAC Student Snapshot is a great way to share what you’ve learned about your child with teachers and other school staff and to communicate areas that might be of concern to you.
Categories: Communication, General, IEP
Student Support Decision Tree
Student Support Decision Tree
When a parent or teacher expresses concern about a student’s health condition, learning or other challenges, the school will begin a process to determine the type of support and/or services that will meet the child’s needs...
Categories: 504, General, IEP
Resource thumbnail - talk tools
Talk Tools
Talk Tools features helpful questions to use in conversations and meetings about your child—including behaviors, accommodations, modifications, support strategies, classroom situations, teaching methods, or a child's response to these.
Categories: General, Communication, Family Engagement, Advocacy, IEP, Conflict Resolution
Terms to Know—resource thumbnail
Terms to Know
Related terms including FAPE, IEP, LRE, accommodation, FBA, and others...
Categories: General, Advocacy, IEP
Differences IEPs 504 Plans—resource thumbnail
The Differences between IEPs and 504 Plans
Information including basic descriptions, what each does, what law applies, who is eligible, and more...
Categories: General, IEP, 504