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Accommodations to Consider
Accommodations to Consider for Students with Problems in Organization
Note the student’s response to transition between activities. Is s/he disoriented, distracted, or overwhelmed visually or auditorally when moving or preparing for new activity? Is s/he agitated or anxious during the change? If so, consider these questions in addressing this difficulty.
Categories: 504, Accommodations, IEP, Special Education
If a Student has Difficulty
If Student has Difficulty….Then Try This!
A great tool full of suggested accommodations for specific areas of difficulty.
Categories: 504, Accommodations, IEP, Special Education
Image of infused skills grid
Infused Skills Grid
Like all students, students who experience disabilities need to learn many types of ‘skills’ in school. These include: habits of mind, basic academic skills, other content areas and functional skills.
Categories: Accommodations, IEP, Special Education
Hmong Adaptations and Modifications
Kev Hloov thiab Kho Adaptations and Modifications (Hmong)
Categories: Accommodations
Image of a mother pushing her daughter's hair behind her ear. Text that Reads "Parents Guide to Dyslexia" and the Child Mind Institute logo.
Parent's Guide to Dyslexia
This resource walks parents through the signs and impacts of dyslexia, how children can be evaluated for dyslexia and ways that parent's and teachers can help children once they are diagnosed with dyslexia.
Categories: Accommodations, Communication, Family Engagement, Learning Disability, Special Education
Sample Accommodations
Sample Accommodations
This document provides Environmental, Behavioral, Organizational Strategies and more!
Categories: 504, Accommodations, IEP, Special Education