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Work with a Parent Educator

Parent Educators can assist you, even when you don't know what you're looking for!

How can Parent Educators help?

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Helping parents find the best options

Educating parents is at the core of what we do. When you have a child with special needs, between home, medical, school, and the community, there are a million puzzle pieces to put together – and families are the ones responsible for putting those pieces together. 

Parent Educators talk with each family to help figure out exactly what options are available to best support their child’s education.

Taking the family as a whole into account

We take into account the family as a whole and not just the needs of the individual child. Parent Educators familiarize you with available options by offering specialized information, support, training, and community resources based on each family’s unique needs. 

With first-hand knowledge of programs and services throughout the community, Parent Educators act as a reference and guide.

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Parent Educator services are provided at no charge to families

Families frequently contact Parent Educators at points of transition or challenge, when receiving a diagnosis, if there is an issue in school, or when preparing to transition out of school. Parent Educators are available for families caring for a child with special needs from birth to age 26.

Who are Parent Educators?

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We are family members of children with special needs ourselves

Parent Educators are experienced family members of individuals with special needs who are familiar with connecting to resources and support in North Carolina. They’ve made the journey and can guide others who may be overwhelmed or less experienced in the process. 

Many Parent Educators actively participate in community councils and advisory boards to provide a family perspective as plans and decisions are being made for our community.