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Communications Tools and Templates

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Communication is key in achieving the best outcomes for everyone involved

Parents and caregivers to children with special needs are quickly introduced to an array of professionals with whom they must communicate and communicate effectively.  Good communication in every setting is often essential in the child’s success

We offer communication tools and resources to help coach you through these critical interactions—from asking the right questions to keeping the focus on the big picture and your child as a unique individual.

Communications Resources

Parent-Teacher Conference Worksheet
Check out this parent-teacher conference worksheet!
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Talk Tools in Spanish
Estas preguntas son a menudo utilizadas por el personal de ECAC cuando se habla con familias y profesionales. Proporcionan formas efectivas de solicitar aclaraciones en cualquier situación.
Categories: Communication, Spanish
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Care Notebook - Spanish
Una Herramienta para Organizar la Información de Salud de un Niño
Categories: Communication, General, Spanish, Special Healthcare Needs
Image of a mother pushing her daughter's hair behind her ear. Text that Reads "Parents Guide to Dyslexia" and the Child Mind Institute logo.
Parent's Guide to Dyslexia
This resource walks parents through the signs and impacts of dyslexia, how children can be evaluated for dyslexia and ways that parent's and teachers can help children once they are diagnosed with dyslexia.
Categories: Accommodations, Communication, Family Engagement, Learning Disability, Special Education
First page of Steps to Success document in spanish.
Steps to Success - Spanish
Pasos hacia el Éxito: Comunicación con la escuela de su hijo
Categories: Communication, Conflict Resolution, Spanish
Care Notebook
A fillable tool for organizing a child's health care information.
Categories: Communication, General, Special Healthcare Needs
Image of the first page of the Student Led IEP Request form
Student Led IEP Request
This fillable document helps students with disabilities request a leadership role in their next IEP meeting and to specify which parts of the IEP meeting they would like to lead.
Categories: Communication, IEP, Special Education, Transition-age Youth
image of parent handbook
Parent Rights & Responsibilities in Special Education: NC Notice of Procedural Safeguards
It is important that you understand the Procedural Safeguards (legal rights) provided for you and your child with a disability. In this document from NCDPI, you will find a new section in more user-friendly language that summarizes the rights and responsibilities of parents in the special education process. Acronyms and terms often used in special education and resources for parents are found in the appendices.
Categories: Communication, Conflict Resolution, IDEA, Parent Rights
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Dispute Resolution Consultants - NCDPI EC Division
The consultants for dispute resolution (disagreements) work with parents, traditional local educational agencies, charter schools, state operated programs and other individuals to resolve disputes. They provide information about facilitated IEP meetings, mediation, formal written complaints and due process hearings. They also investigate formal written complaints.
Categories: Communication, Conflict Resolution
image of Student Snapshot document
Student Snapshot
Classrooms are very busy and it often takes time for teachers and others to get to know and understand your son or daughter’s needs. ECAC Student Snapshot is a great way to share what you’ve learned about your child with teachers and other school staff and to communicate areas that might be of concern to you.
Categories: Communication, General, IEP
Lista de Verificación del IEP
Lista de verificación del Programa de Educación Individualizado.
Categories: Communication, IEP, Spanish, Special Education
image of student snapshot document
La Instantánea del Estudiant
Los salones de clase son lugares muy ajetreados donde todo pasa muy de prisa. Regularmente a los maestros y demás personal de la escuela, les lleva tiempo conocer y entender las necesidades especiales de su hijo. “La Instantánea del Estudiante” que ECAC ha preparado es una excelente forma de compartir con la escuela lo que a usted le ha tomado tiempo aprender de su hijo y le ayuda a comunicar al misno tiempo las áreas que le preocupan y en donde su niño pueda necesitar más ayuda.
Categories: Communication, IEP, Spanish
¡Describiendo el Panorama GENERAL!
Los niños se benefician cuando los adultos que forman parte de sus vidas son capaces de observar y describir la mejor parte de ellos o de apreciar lo que es fundamental en su persona.
Categories: Communication, General, IEP, Spanish
Image of children reading with text that says A Parents’ Guide to Special Education in North Carolina
A Parents’ Guide to Special Education in North Carolina
The focus of this Parent Guide from Children’s Law Clinic -Duke Law School, is the federal special education law known as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) that promises each child with a disability a “free, appropriate, public education.”
Categories: General, Communication, IEP, Conflict Resolution, Special Education
Painting the Big Picture
Painting the BIG Picture! This worksheet has been created as a way for any adult to help “paint the big picture” of a child they care about and know well. The worksheet guides each writer to describe the child and to provide “tips” on what works best. The tips allow you to make a connection between what YOU know and what others can do to help him/her to be successful.
Categories: Advocacy, Communication, General, Special Education
Resource thumbnail: Steps to Success—Communicating with Your Child's School
Steps to Success: Communicating with your Child's School
If you have a child who is receiving special education services, you’re more than likely to be very involved with your child’s school and teachers — including planning, reviewing, and assessing your child’s educational program...
Categories: General, Communication, Family Engagement, Advocacy, Conflict Resolution
Resource thumbnail - talk tools
Talk Tools
Talk Tools features helpful questions to use in conversations and meetings about your child—including behaviors, accommodations, modifications, support strategies, classroom situations, teaching methods, or a child's response to these.
Categories: General, Communication, Family Engagement, Advocacy, IEP, Conflict Resolution