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Resources Overview

Helping families access the right services and support

Our hope is to help each family find and access the services and supports available to them and their child(ren). We are committed to providing timely, credible, reliable, family-friendly information to parents and professionals. 

The following resources offer general information, organization tools, financial supports and links to other relevant organizations.

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North Carolina Resources and State Programs

View a listing of North Carolina resources (with website links), including ARC, Autism Society, NC Family Support, Disability Rights, First in Families, and more.

Local North Carolina Resources by County

Select your county from the interactive map or from the list of counties to view available resources, including Children’s Developmental Services Agency, Family Support Network, First in Families, Vocational Rehabilitation, and county and city school EC offices.
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Tools and Information

Get the information you need, when you need it! Your involvement in planning your child’s educational program is essential for success and communication is key! 

 Use our FREE tools to help you better and more effectively communicate information about your child with others involved in your child’s day – both in school and during other times.

IEP Forms

Curious what an IEP looks like in North Carolina or want to know what will be covered at the next meeting? You can access all of the NCDPI Special Education forms using the link below.

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Parent Rights

It is important that parents understand and exercise the Procedural Safeguards (legal rights) provided to them and their child with a disability. These resources can help you learn more about your rights.

Communications Tools and Templates

Communicating by writing provides both you and the school with a record of ideas, concerns, and suggestions.
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View educational webinars in English and Spanish on a variety of topics, including the IEP process, family perspectives on healthcare, reading with your child, and more.