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Meet our Team

Get to know our dedicated and friendly team members—committed to empowering families and improving lives!

Image of Doreen Byrd
Doreen Byrd
Lead Parent Educator
Aimee Combs
Assistant Director of Programs
Brittany Cutshaw
Parent Educator
Carolina Farmer
Parent Educator, Early Intervention Lead
Linda - Website Photo 2
Linda Garay
Business Manager
Nancy Giurato
Nancy Giurato
Bilingual Parent Educator, DeafBlind Family Engagement Coordinator
Danielle Hamilton
Outreach Coordinator
image of Paula Hutchison
Paula Hutchison
Multicultural Outreach/Administrative Assistant
image of Jana Krantz
Jana Kranz
Accounting Assistant
headshot of Karen Laughlin
Karen Laughlin
Parent Educator, Southeastern Region
Image of Terri Layton
Terri Leyton
Technical Assistance Coordinator, Region B Parent Technical Assistance Center
Triahnna Miles
Parent Educator
Image of Karyn Mongtague
Karyn Montague
NC SIP Program Lead
Website Photo - Christy Moore 01
Christy Moore
Family to Family (F2F) Health Information Center Program Lead
Anastacia Newton
Parent Educator
Photograph of Billy Pickens at his UNC Charlotte Graduation
Billy Pickens
Youth Outreach Coordinator
Image of Debra Pickens
Debra Pickens
Co-Director NC Deaf Blind Project, Parent Educator
image of Millie Ramos
Millie Ramos
Bi-lingual Parent Educator
image of Beverly Roberts
Beverly Roberts
Family Engagement Manager, NCSIP Coordinator
Picture of Mandy Sonnenberg
Mandy Sonnenberg
Assistant PTI Manager
Image of Toni Stephens
Toni Stephens
Workshop Coordinator and PTI Administrative Assistant
Image of Cheryl Strupe
Cheryl Strupe
Data and Production Manager
Beth Voll
Career Coach, Parent Educator
Image of Laura Weber
Laura Weber
Executive Director, Co-Director Region B Parent Technical Assistance Center (RPTAC)
Image of Denise Weir
Denise Weir
Human Resources Manager
Andrea Young
Parent Educator, Communications Lead