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Millie Ramos

Millie Ramos
Bi-lingual Parent Educator
Millie Ramos has worked at ECAC for over 3 years, and more than 8 years at Family Support Network HOPE. In both roles, Millie conducts outreach in the Hispanic community. Millie came to the Carolinas with her eldest son Michael and grew her family with her husband Luis. Her son Joseph was born and was diagnosed with Rubinstein Tayby Syndrome, resulting in an intellectual disability. For 24 years she has lived at the foothills of The Appalachians. She is grateful for all the progress her children have made. Millie understand the journey of having a child with a significant disability, and greatly empathizes with families while also providing the guidance they need. The Ramos Family enjoys the outdoors at the lake, specifically kayaking.