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Staff Directory




Terri Leyton TA Coordinator 1-800-962-6817, ext. 343
Karyn Montague IHE Coordinator 1-800-962-6817, ext. 334
Laura J. Weber Executive Director 1-800-962-6817, ext. 312
Jill Sirko Parent Educator, Raleigh, NC 1-866-740-4135
Caché Owens PTI Manager 1-800-962-6817 ext. 310
Debra Pickens Parent Educator, Deaf Blind Family Specialist 1-800-962-6817 ext. 327
Rachel Bettis Production Clerk
Doreen Byrd Parent Educator 1-800-962-6817, ext. 328
Toni Stephens Administrative Assistant & Training Coordinator 1-800-962-6817, ext. 320
Aimee Combs Parent Educator 1-800-962-6817, ext. 325
Paula Hutchison Hispanic Outreach Coordinator 1-800-962-6817, ext. 322
Anne Johnston Parent Educator, Asheville, NC 1-866-545-5299
Karen Laughlin Parent Educator, Wilmington, NC 1-800-782-2094
Teresa Peña Parent Educator, Hispanic Outreach Coordinator 1-800-962-6817, ext. 324
Millie Ramos Parent Educator 1-800-962-6817, ext. 326
Beverly Roberts Project Coordinator, Family Engagement 1-800-962-6817, ext. 323
Grace Sisco Business Manager 1-800-962-6817, ext. 311
Rita Stokes Administrative Assistant 1-800-962-6817, ext. 339
Cheryl Strupe Production and Data Manager 1-800-962-6817, ext. 314
Shandra Umazar Librarian 1-800-962-6817, ext. 313
Denise Weir Human Resources 1-800-962-6817, ext. 342

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Address: 907 Barra Row, Suites 102/103
Davidson, NC 28036
Phone: 704-892-1321
Fax: 704-892-5028
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Parent Info Line: 800-962-6817
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