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Family Engagement Month Activities Calendar for Middle & High School Families November is Family Engagement Month! The Family Engagement Month calendar is a list of daily activities that you can do with your child anytime. The activities are meant to be fun and to encourage interactions between you and your preteen / teen. Not every … Read more

Early Intervention

Early Literacy and Your Infant or Toddler It may sound silly or even a little confusing to think about “literacy” and your little one. But would it help to know that literacy for a very young child does not mean teaching infants and toddlers how to read? Whew! Download resource Categories: Early Intervention Early Steps … Read more


504 Fact Sheet Section 504 is a federal civil rights law, banning disability discrimination in all programs that get federal funding. Download resource Categories: General, 504 7 Tips for Developing a Good 504 Plan Right from the start let the school know you want to attend your child’s 504 plan meetings. Approach this with a … Read more

Early Childhood

¡Preparémonos!Una guía familiar para apoyar la preparación para Kinder. La primera experiencia escolar de un niño es una ocasión monumental tanto para la familia como para el niño. Uno puede preguntarse: “¿Está mi hijo listo para la escuela?” y, “¿Está la escuela lista para mi hijo?” Si bien no existe una fórmula única para garantizar … Read more