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Assistive Technology: It’s NOT Rocket Science!

image of a rocket ship with text that reads "Assistive Technology: It's Not Rocket Science!"

Assistive Technology (AT) is not just about electronic equipment – but more about discovering the tools to support your child in their learning. This workshop explores AT devices and services, both high and low tech tools, evaluations and how to include AT in your child’s IEP. Learning Objectives Upon completion of this webinar, participants will … Read more

American Indian Virtual Roundtable Discussion

yellow circle with colorful feathers surrounding it. Text in the circle reads "American Indian Virtual Roundtable Discussion"

Are you an American Indian/Native American parent or caregiver of a child with a disability, special health care need or learning difference? Have you experienced successes or challenges finding resources for your child, navigating the IEP/504 process or supporting your child through difficult transitions? If so, we want to hear from you! As North Carolina’s … Read more

Tool Time Tuesday – October

image of tools and the words Tool Time, Tuesdays at noon

Our Tool Time Segments are 30 minutes or less and will feature a resource or a tool that you can add to your toolbox to help you advocate for your child and make informed decisions. Every Tuesday at noon, ECAC staff and/or Community Partners will select a tool or resource to talk about, explain how you can use it and where you … Read more

Rol de los Padres en Educación Especial

A collection of different hats with text that reads "Rol de los Padres en Educacion Especial"

Únase a los educadores de padres de ECAC para una presentación informativa diseñada para ayudar a los padres a comprender sus derechos y roles en el proceso del IEP. Los participantes aprenderán cómo prepararse para las reuniones y participar en ellas, cómo comprender y hacer preguntas, y cómo reconocer los diferentes roles de los padres … Read more

Navigating the Transition from Early Intervention to Preschool

sideways view of steps with a line connecting Early Intervention at the bottom and pre-school at the top and text that reads "Navigating the Transition from Early Intervention to Preschool"

This free webinar will help explain what happens next; we’ll talk about the transition planning meeting, the preschool evaluation and the criteria for qualifying for preschool services, as well as the importance of your role in your child’s education moving forward.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other with ECAC and Family Support Network of Southeastern North Carolina

Image of 9 ethnically diverse people on a zoom call with text that reads "let's get to know each other"

Columbus, Robeson, Bladen County Families and Professionals   ECAC and Family Support Network are family-based organizations–you’ll always talk to another parents whose child has special needs.   We offer support with: IEPs and Special Education Parenting Coaching Changes when your child turns 18 Connecting with other agencies Youth leadership opportunities   Please join us virtually … Read more

Parents Role in Special Education

Title slide of Parent's role in the IEP process

Join ECAC’s Parent Educators for an informative presentation designed to help parents understand their rights and roles in the IEP process. Participants will learn how to prepare for and participate in meetings, how to understand and ask questions, and how to recognize the different roles of parents and school staff. We will also discuss the … Read more

Tool Time Tuesday – August – Back to School Series

image of tools and the words Tool Time, Tuesdays at noon

We are excited for the return of Tool Time Tuesdays! Our Back to School Series will focus on topics and activities to support families as they prepare for the 2021-2022 school year. Our Tool Time Segments are 30 minutes or less. 8/3 Tips for Easing Anxiety Join us for some tips for easing anxiety while transitioning back to school! We will go … Read more

Visión general de Programas IEP + 504

Purple flyer for Visión general de Programas IEP + 504

Capacitación gratuita en Zoom Visión general de Programas IEP + 504 – De qué manera son diferentes – Cómo saber cuál es el adecuado para su hijo – Cómo participar de manera efectiva en cualquiera de los procesos Presentado por Access Family Support Health Information Center (un programa de Family Resource Center South Atlantic) y … Read more

IEP Road Trip

Banner over a open road that reads IEP Road Trip

For this webinar, we will explore different parts of the IEP and the rules of the road. We will cover a lot of territory and how to navigate road blocks and detours that may occur along the way. We will also discuss changes in traffic patterns such as virtual meetings and remote learning. Upon reaching … Read more