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Contact ECAC

Contact ECAC If you need further assistance, have questions about this Tool Kit or your child’s special education services; please feel free to contact us! We look forward to speaking with you! ECAC’s Main Office 907 Barra Row, Suite 103, Davidson, NC 28036 View Google map (704) 892-1321 (704) 892-5028 (800) 962-6817 (Help line) ecac@ecacmail.org … Read more

Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources The following websites and resources will provide you with information and tips on parenting children and youth with dyslexia. Play Video Empowering parents A PBS special, hosted by Al Roker, part of the Launching Young Readers series Empowering Parents is a PBS special hosted by Al Roker that visits schools in Huntingtown, Maryland, … Read more

Special Education and Accommodations

Special Education and Accommodations Public schools can provide specially designed instruction to students who have disabilities such as dyslexia. Eligibility and what services are available Parents play an important role. There are several steps in the process to determine whether a student is eligible for special education services and what those services should look like. … Read more

Communicating with Your Child’s School

Communicating with Your Child’s School It is important to have a positive relationship with your child’s teacher. Getting started First: Understand that your role as a parent is unique. No one knows and loves your child the way that you do. You are the expert on your child. And, while you may not have all … Read more

Dyslexia Tool Kit: About Dyslexia and Its Characteristics

Dyslexia Tool Kit: About Dyslexia and Its Characteristics Our goal: To provide support to you in understanding dyslexia and how your child can get the resources they may need. Play Video Watch this brief overview video (2 min) Play Video Dyslexia in North Carolina Schools (8 min) What is Dyslexia? Start here. The International Dyslexia … Read more