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Congratulations to Aimee Combs on Her Promotion!

image of confetti and photo of Aimee Combs
Congratulations to Aimee Combs on Her Promotion!
Published: January 21, 2021
Please join ECAC in congratulating Aimee Combs to the role of Assistant Manager, PTI Grant. Aimee brings a wealth of experience in navigating the special education system. She learned first-hand through her son, Joey, who received early intervention services and had an IEP throughout his school years, from preschool to graduation. Aimee started employment with ECAC more than 6 years ago as a Parent Educator. Aimee’s duties had expanded to also include, Social Media Lead, Lead of the Youth Advisory Group and Website administrator. Aimee excelled at all of these roles.
Please join us in congratulating Aimee in her new role. We are excited for Aimee, ECAC and NC families.