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And the Winner is…Triton High School!

Triton Winners
And the Winner is...Triton High School!
Published: November 29, 2023

ECAC is proud to announce that the winner of the "Tell Us Something Good" Award for 2023 is...

Triton High School
Erwin, NC, Harnett County

During a live segment of ECAC's weekly Tool Time Tuesday webinar, Beverly Roberts, ECAC Family Engagement Manager, delivered the exciting news and a check for $1,000.00 in person to Principal Marshall Jones. Also present at the announcement were Mrs. Susan  Dunn, teacher, Mrs. April Hood, Director of Exceptional Children, Harnett County Schools and Mrs. Brookie Ferguson, Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Harnett County Schools. The funds will go towards initiating a student-run coffee cart in EC classrooms, as a way to teach life skills and promote a sense of community within the school. This project will be a collaboration between families, students, and the school.

The contest entry was submitted by Laura Wesselman, mother of Triton student, Ericka Shelton.  Her entry earned over 1,000 votes in the contest and they were presented with a $200 Amazon gift card. She wrote the following regarding their experience at the high school:


"My daughter graduated (walked) last year with her peers. Her peers all went off to college or got jobs. She, like many EC students, is back in high school and we are focusing on job training for the next 4 years. I do office work from home and my daughter started saying she works in the office. In an effort to help her office dream come true I reached out to her teacher and asked if it would be possible for Erika to shadow another student that may work in the office. She immediately answered back that it was a great idea, and she would check. This was a Thursday evening and by Monday morning Erika was working in the office, every morning, first period. She loves her new job! It doesn’t hurt to ask, but if you don’t you will never know the answer.

We are also trying to start a coffee cart in the EC classrooms. There are about 20 EC students and I think it would be beneficial to everyone. We already have approval from the principal; we just need the funds to start the project and this prize would get us on our way. Erika’s teacher, Mrs. Dunn and her principal, Mr. Jones have been very open to new ideas, they are helping us parents carve a future for our children. Triton High School has been a great experience for my daughter and our family!"

Congratulations to Triton High School and thank you to all of the individuals that nominated schools throughout North Carolina!  This award was part of ECAC's celebration of Family Engagement Month, a time to celebrate and acknowledge the important role of families in the education and well-being of their children throughout the year.