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Supporting Families after Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence has caused incredible damage to North Carolina families. While our Wilmington office was left relatively unscathed, we know that many families were not as fortunate. We understand that in some areas, the storm has disrupted many aspects of daily life.

School cancellations and school closures can leave parents of children with special needs feeling especially uncertain. For those families who need assistance navigating special education during this difficult time, we encourage you to give us a call. One of our parent educators, all of whom are also parents to children with disabilities, can discuss your situation one-on-one and provide information and valuable resources.

For starters, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has released an app for families who may be dealing with behavioral health issues as a result of the disaster. Users can navigate pre-deployment preparation, on-the-ground assistance, post-deployment resources, and more-at the touch of a button from the home screen. Users also can share resources, like tips for helping survivors cope, and find local behavioral health services. Self-care support for responders is also available.  Additionally, the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits has begun compiling a list of resources available across the state. The list will be updated as more resources are identified.

While ECAC is a non-profit, we hope that those who are able will donate to a hurricane relief effort of their choice to support the rebuilding process.

This hurricane may have been a strong one, but ECAC will always bet on the resiliency of North Carolina families.

Laura Weber, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Caché Owens
PTI Manager

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