Parent Testimonial

Dear ECAC Team,

I hope this letter finds you well. I want to express a heartfelt thank you to you all for your work. To Mrs. Aimee Combs, I appreciate your continued advocacy alongside youth and young adults disabilities and for allowing me to have a place at the table. I am so thankful to have met everyone on staff, and your passion for what you all do is infectious.

When I connected with Mrs. Debra Pickens and reconnected with my friend and fellow advocate Billy Pickens, I had no clue what was ahead.  I had the honor of participating as a voice in the following events: The Duke Univ Health Equity Rounds, NCSU Family Leadership Summit, ECU Inclusion Summit and the Partners in Learning Conference, not to mention numerous YAT opportunities and events.

All of these opportunities and more have had a lasting impact on me and continue to set the standard in my relationships with other organizations as well. Thank you for investing in me, and the mission that I was called to fulfill through advocating, creating and serving our shared communities of disabilities. I look forward to more opportunities to build upon the relationships established, and more opportunities to assist, collaborate and learn from you all as you continue to impact our state, my generation as well as present and future advocates.

Mayia Warren