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Apr 19 2021


2:00 PM

Compact 101 Training for Military Families (NC)

The Compact 101 session will address:

– Why the Compact is important

– What you need to know

– What the Compact Covers (and doesn’t)

– Case studies

– Resources, information and assistance

In 2006, the Council of State Governments’ (CSG) National Center for Interstate Compacts (NCIC), in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense, national associations, federal and state officials, State Departments’ of Education, and school administrators drafted the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children. The Compact provides for the uniform treatment of military children transferring between school districts and states by addressing key educational transition such as: eligibility, enrollment, placement and graduation. The Commission, composed of fifty member states and the District of Columbia, work in concert to help ease the transitions of military children as they transfer interstate between public and Department of Defense schools. In this introductory session, learn how the Compact works, state structure and implementation, rules and regulations, and how the Compact supports military students.

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