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Early Intervention (Birth to age 3)

The first three years of your infant or toddler’s life is a very exciting time.  Each day will bring something new to talk about, share and celebrate.  ECAC believes that as a parent you are an expert on your child and are his or her best advocate.   If your child has special needs or has a disability your role as a parent and advocate will be even greater. Your experiences offer the support that your child will need in emotional, social, language, communication and cognitive development.

This section of our site is designed with parents of children three and under in mind. You will find information about resources, services and supports to help you and your family promote the development of your child. This information and these strategies can be used and carried out  in a variety of settings, especially the home!

The North Carolina Early Intervention Branch (NCEI) is a part of the N.C. Division of Public Health. It is the lead agency for the N.C. Infant-Toddler Program (ITP). The Infant-Toddler Program provides early intervention supports and services for families and their children, birth to three who have special needs. Research shows that this time period is critical. It offers a window of opportunity to make a positive difference in how a child develops and learns. Sixteen Children’s Developmental Services Agencies (CDSAs) across North Carolina work with local service providers to help families help their children succeed.

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