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ECAC is making a difference

ECAC’s is all about ‘Empowering Families and Improving Lives”. We receive thousands of requests for information and assistance each year from parents and professionals, and our goal is to provide the highest quality of service to each and every individual. How do we know when we are making a difference? We know that through comments we receive after workshops, in notes and letters, in person, when taking surveys and at other times. Your comments are critical in helping us to continue to improve services, plan for the futre and also to keep us moving forward for you!

So, what are people saying about ECAC? Below are a few very important quotes we want to share with you. We would also love to hear your “story” and how ECAC’s staff and services have helped you! Please send your stories and comments to us at ecac@ecacmail.org or via mail to ECAC, 907 Barra Row, Suites 102/103, Davidson, NC 28036.

Please know that ECAC is committed to protecting your privacy and will never share information about you or your child without your permission.

  • “ECAC has been a wealth of information – which helped me make better decisions about the overall progress and well-being of my children.”
  • “I feel empowered as a parent. Although my son is only 18 months old we feel great about getting an early start.”
  • “I would not have known how to handle the situation at school and get the accommodations needed if it wasn’t for ECAC. Thank you!”
  • “You have been a lifeline for me and I’m a public school teacher.”
  • “Excellent and full knowledge about how the law and the school system “works”. ECAC is a kind, helpful, and friendly voice amidst chaos.”
  • “ECAC’s free Lending Library helps educate me without breaking my piggy bank. As a better educated parent, I am a better advocate for my child.”
  • “I have a Master’s degree in Special Education. I appreciate ECAC for being there for me to call and to give me support. You help me wind through the “junk” and see the real message”.
  • “I can call ECAC with questions and get the answers at no cost!”

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Ask a question: ecac@ecacmail.org

ECAC provides services and support across NC to parents, families, students, educators and other professionals!



Address: 907 Barra Row, Suites 102/103
Davidson, NC 28036
Phone: 704-892-1321
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