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About ECAC

Welcome to the ECAC website.  I hope this website will become a useful tool in your search for information.

ECAC is a private non-profit organization that is operated by and staffed primarily with parents of children with disabilities and special health care needs.  We have an extremely diverse staff and strive to bring multiple perspectives to our work.  I hope our information reflects our commitment to ALL parents and ALL children and collaboration intended to improve the education and lives of our children.

I also encourage you to get involved with ECAC in other ways.

  • Come to workshop in your area – you can find the schedule on the website.
  • Call a Parent Educator to get individual information or assistance (1-800-962-6817).
  • Borrow a book or DVD for yourself or your child from our Lending Library.
  • Sign up for our mailing and email lists.
  • Connect to us via our Facebook page.
  • Volunteer to help with supporting other parents, fundraising, or marketing.

We also need and respect your comments and input.  Please let us know what you like about the website or what additional features or information you would like added.

Again, welcome to the ECAC website.  I hope you will visit us often.

Connie Hawkins
Executive Director

Parent Info Line:


Ask a question: ecac@ecacmail.org

ECAC provides services and support across NC to parents, families, students, educators and other professionals!



Address: 907 Barra Row, Suites 102/103
Davidson, NC 28036
Phone: 704-892-1321
Fax: 704-892-5028
Parent Info Line
Parent Info Line: 800-962-6817
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